Friday, January 28, 2011

Using Google Webmaster Tools Appropriately For SEO

I have been using the Google  webmaster tools since time immemorial now, but using them appropriately for analyzing the website from the SEO perspective is always an ongoing learning process. Google keeps on adding valuable features to the tools and keeps on making it more useful to webmasters and SEOs.

Maile Ohye – The Developer Programs Tech Lead from Google explains this very clearly in the following video.

The Webmaster Tools features she has explained in the video are summarized as follows:

  • Sign Up For Email Forwarding In Webmaster Tools in Message Centre 
  • Check For Search Queries 
  • Use Keywords To Target Content 
  • Reduce Duplicates Through HTML Suggestions And URL Parameter Handling 
  • Diagnose Crawl Errors 
  • Prioritize Content Through Internal Links 
  • Verify Access Through Fetch As Googlebot 
  • Use Site Performance To Improve Speed 

View the video for a detailed explanation :)

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