Friday, October 8, 2010

Google Instant Live On (India)

Google Logo bg:Картинка:Google.pngImage via Wikipedia A few weeks ago Google had introduced Google Instant a new way of searching that made search more interactive , quick and easy.Today Google Instant has gone live in India too.

As per the blogpost on Google' blog Google Instant combines three core features -- dynamic results, Autocomplete predictions, and ‘scroll-to-search’ functionality -- to deliver smart, predictive results as you type. 

Picture of arrow keys of a PC keyboardImage via Wikipedia
The main components of Google Instant are :

•Instant Results
•Scroll To Search

Google suggests or predicts what the user might be searching depending on each character the user types in the search query box. The user can select what he is searching for by using the arrow keys and as the user makes the selection the search results keep on changing accordingly.

You can read about What is Google Instant and how does it change the search experience for all concerned i.e mainly the users and SEO on our previous blog post when Google Instant was introduced last month.
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