Monday, December 1, 2014

Can You Imagine Life Without Google? LOL....

Can you imagine life without Google? The brand has become such an important part of our everyday internet use as the number one search engine. More recently, its increasing array of products have made themselves comfortable on our computers; GoogleDrive, GoogleMaps, etc. And like a true friend, it doesn’t mind if we fire the odd joke in its direction.

Google Jokes

Hope that gave you a few laughs. 
Which of these Google jokes tickled you the most?

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James Reynolds James Reynolds is the founder of Veravo. which consists of two search engine marketing agencies; SEO Sherpa and Click Jam. He is also the host of the Traffic Jam Podcast. James is fanatical about all things search, social and content on the web, from his blog, to Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. He is a contributor to several leading publications and mentors start up companies in his free time.