Friday, April 18, 2014

Some SEO Myths Debunked By Matt Cutts (Head Of The Search Spam Team at Google)

In a recent video  Matt Cutts (Google Head Of The Search Spam Team)  spoke about a SEO myth which seems to be prevalent today.

He clarified : Just because you have an active Google Adwords account your organic search presence is not going to be positively or negatively affected. As, paid search and organic search are completely two different scenarios.

This is a very common question asked by many of our clients because they think that if you advertise with Google then Google  will promote their search presence on organic search too. Many times they even have gone to the extent to tell us that if they have an Adwords account then Google will penalize their search presence as Google would want them to continue with the Adwords.

Thanks to Matt Cutts for clarifying this because now we can just play this video and clear their doubts.

He also speaks about the group thinking that people resort to after reading blogs and forum posts. People just many times blindly follow certain statements mentioned by online marketers or business owners and consider it to be the gospel truth. Matt Cutts mentions that people should stay away from such herd mentality and believe that Google just has one goal in mind and that is to give better quality search results to the users.

I hope he clarifies other myths related to SEO in future and makes life easy for us SEOs. 


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