Friday, May 14, 2010

Google Decides To Hire A Social Media Chief.

In order to improve its position on the social media scenario also, Google has decided to hire a SOCIAL MEDIA CHIEF.

Though Google dominates the search market , but when it come to social media both the Google Social media experiments - Orkut and Google buzz have not been able to carve the social media niche for Google on the web world. Though Google has integrated social media with special emphasis from the Twitter tweets in its Real Time Search quite successfully.

When any media makes a giant like Google give importance to and makes it plan and strategize to make the most of it, that gives a clear indication that as SEOs or web marketing professionals or companies we cannot just take social media lightly or just another hype. It has to handled professionally by giving the right impression about your company or yourself as a professional with every tweet or post on Twitter, Facebook, Blog, etc.

We all have heard of the quotes : “ The first impression is the last impression” , “Look before you leap” but now everyone on social media should keep in mind “Think Before You Tweet” . As the Google main real time search results i.e the ‘updates’ link on the LHS of the SERP of Google comes from twitter. This does not only ensure a wider web presence but also make people know about you and your company.

My personal opinion is that every tweet or post reflects the company culture or the individuals personality, IQ and EQ. Similarly every Retweet reflects the preferences, likes and dislikes to a great extent .

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